Fig: Important Measures to Follow while AC Repairing Services in Dubai


AC has become a fundamental part of our life and almost every house has at least one AC today. A common delusion among most people is that AC appliances cannot cause much harm to us.  Well, the AC unit must be held carefully when installing or repairing, or operating else it may be lethal.

Repairing AC is not as easy as altering the LED bulb in your bedroom. DIY strategies might seem easy to try but if you do not have comprehensive knowledge of electric repairs, it will only be an unsuccessful attempt. Moreover, faultiness may lead to costly repairs in the future. 

Safety Measures to Follow While getting repaired an AC Unit:

Fig: Safety Measures to Follow while AC Repairing


  1. Again, do not effort to repair your AC by yourself. Book an AC mechanic from the available Company.
  2. Place a sticker on the AC unit saying “Do not turn on” so that everyone in your house is conscious and safe.
  3. Do not touch any live wires or conductors with your bare hands.
  4. Getting your AC repaired during broad daylight is the best option as there is enough usual light to detect the problem without switching on any other electrical devices. Ensure that any gas renew is done outside.
  5. At the time of the AC repair service, be careful that the children are not around and that you too are at a safe reserve away from the unit.
  6. Don’t try to be excessively helpful during the repair service by joining in, let the Company AC technicians work self-reliantly. That said, do ask the technician what they are doing and why.

These were a few safety measures to follow while AC repairing services in Dubai.


How frequently should you have your air conditioner serviced by a technician?


Fig: Services your air conditioner yearly


A yearly service call will keep away some of the minor problems to occur. If you never service your air conditioner, it can start pushing out harmful microorganisms as bacteria and filth build up inside of the components. The system won’t work as well either, which can cause your energy bills to shoot up high. A yearly service will keep these issues away.


What does AC Servicing mostly consist of?


Fig: AC Repairing Services by a service expert


They will clean the interior, fans, and coils to keep them spotless. A clean fan, case, and coils are essential for healthy, and cool air. They clean your AC unit systematically to keep wreckage and bacteria from building up inside of your unit. They may also adjust your fan if it’s a little excessive to make sure that your home stays appropriately and proficiently cool during the summer months.

Service calls will contain refrigerant, airflow, and leak checks.

A characteristic service call will also involve a refrigerant check to make sure that your AC system is satisfactorily filled. They’ll also evaluate the blower components to make sure the air is blowing out proficiently, and check your unit for any kinds of leaks or erosion. They should be able to solve those snags for you on the spot.

For electrical matters, a service expert may use a multimeter to test the electrical components in the compressor.


What kind of service can you do on your own?

Change the filter every 1-3 months conditional on how often it’s running. If your AC system is acting up, swapping the filter may solve the matter. A dirty filter can lead to a diversity of problems, and if substituting the filter solves whatever issue you have, you perhaps don’t need to call a professional.

Even if the AC is running just fine, make sure you substitute it frequently to keep it running proficiently. In central air systems, the filters are classically located in the return ducts on walls or ceilings. Room and window units habitually have a filter behind the grill on the anterior of the unit. Split systems generally have a recyclable filter in a panel on the compressor.

You can clean the system manually to save a few bucks if you would like. Cleaning a centralsplit, or window AC unit on your own will keep it consecutively efficiently. Whereas a service technician will do this for you on a service call, doing it yourself may save you some money.

You can clean the inside of your AC system conditional on how comfortable you are opening your AC unit up, but you won’t be able to plug any serious issues without a service technician. Any service work involving leaks, electrical problems, fan issues, or blower components will require an expert. These aren’t sensible DIY responsibilities. So, it is always better to get it serviced by a well-known or associated Ac repairing service in Dubai.


7 most important guidelines for Ac Repairing services in Dubai:

1.      Consistent upkeep & clean-up of air filters


Fig: Clean-up of air filters


Dirty and congested air filters block the normal airflow and condense the cooling capacity of the AC system suggestively. When the filter is very dirty, the air flowing inside evades the filter and carries dirt directly to the evaporator coil, therefore fouling the cooling coils. Air filter dusting must be done at least on one occasion a month. Consistent cleaning of air filters outcomes in proper cooling. Air filter cleaning becomes very important if there are fur comportment pets inside the home.

2. Cleaning of Evaporator coils

A clean air filter avoids the cooling coils from dust and dirt. But even then, some dirt and wreckage get dropped on the coils with time. This deposition and covering diminishes the heat-captivating volume of the coils, therefore implementing the room cooling process. Yearly service and evaporator coil dusting are very necessary.

3. Preservation of condenser coil

The condenser and fan unit are positioned outside the house (in all types of AC). The outdoor dirty atmosphere, falling leaves, rain, and wind, etc. dusts the condenser coils. The dust and wreckage make it difficult for the hot air and heat to disperse outside. This poor heat dissipation outcomes in the heating of condenser and compressor (compressor is situated near the condenser coil). Therefore, an annual cleaning of the condenser coil is very important for the condenser to work proficiently.

4. Cleaning Coil Fins

You can easily notice the aluminum fins on the condensers and evaporator coils. The dust and wreckage get collected over the fins. The coil fins should be frequently cleaned to protect the evaporator and condenser.

5. Unblock the rear drain

If the drain at the rear end is blocked, then water that gets collected inside the AC finds no space to leave and drops inside the room from any initial. When the water inside the AC unit finds no opening, the moisture level inside the room also upsurges.

6. Conceal up the compressor unit during winters

During the winter time of year while your AC is not in usage, cover up the compressor unit (as it is placed outside) with a cloth to avoid dust and dirt from entering the unit.

7. Do not miss an AC service

Earlier to the commencement of the summer season always call an ac service expert for a complete clean-up and service of your air conditioner.

Whensoever you call an ac service professional, make sure that he checks up all the AC parts like coils, compressor, fins, filters, drains, etc., and performs the essential service.


AC Unit Operation Safety Measures 

  1. Make sure your hands are dry every time you handle the switches.
  2. If you have kids at home, make sure they don’t use the interior unit as a swing or a plaything.
  3. Do not spray or place a combustible insect repellent or paint spray near the blower as it can outcome in a fire.
  4. Do not pour any liquid or water into the AC unit as it can damage the lining and cause electric shock.
  5. Do not keep any electrical applications or other household items below the inside and outside units of the air conditioner.
  6. If you are cleaning or dusting your AC unit, make sure the power supply is off. Also, don’t open the panel when the fan is still spinning.
  7. If your AC is outstanding for servicing, hire an expert AC mechanic from the associated company.

These were a few measures and guidelines to e followed while Ac repairing services in Dubai and also the maintenance of the same. Owning an Ac isn’t that easy as it seems. It of course gives you great comfort but to get that comfort you need to follow all the above-mentioned measures and guidelines whensoever you get an AC repaired.

Also on a serious note, you might find a lot of DIY tricks all over the internet to repair and maintain your AC. They might seem easy to follow and implement but it is possible only in case you have good knowledge about the AC system that you are using.

But then again if you do not know any aspects of your AC system it is precautionary for you to avoid implementing the DIY tasks as they can either result in AC damage or can also be dangerous for you.

Another aspect that holds importance while an AC repairing service in Dubai is that whosoever is your AC technician must be an expert in his job and perform all the needful tasks.

You also have to make sure that he does so. But remember to maintain a distance while doing the same.

Having AC repair work accomplished may seem like a loss because of the preliminary cost of the work, but if you consider the long-standing effect that it will have, you will see that it is a good venture. A lesser electricity bill alone is an excessive economic profit of having the work done. You can also contemplate the upsurge in your property value and the positive impression that it will have on your aeration system’s major assistance as well. Getting your air conditioner in top working order is very important, specifically if you live in an area with hot summers.

Consistent upkeep is the tried-and-true way to maximize the life of your air conditioner. It’s also the best way to get an optimum and effective presentation from any cooling system. The more proficiently your air conditioner functions, the more money you’ll save on electric bills, and the more relaxed your indoor environment will be.

Outside of work and school, home is where all families spend most of their time. That’s why air quality should be the topmost concern. When air conditioners fall into disrepair, dirt and wreckage can collect in and around the unit.

Over time, this has a negative influence on interior air quality. Also, blocked filters allow air pollutants to pass through, creating allergy and breathing quality problems. Why danger the security of your guests and loved ones? So, always keep your AC repair and maintenance up-to-date.

For some people, air conditioners are simply extravagances that they only use in the heat of summer. For others, they are an all-year-round inevitability, especially for steamy and tropical weather. Moreover, you’ve perhaps wondered how frequently you should get yours checked. Some would acclaim every year. But is that necessary?

Not precisely.

This might be a bit of astonishment. But it’s true! There’s nothing incorrect with having your unit undergo maintenance every two years or so. Air conditioners are strong enough to withstand a few Summers, even if you use them daily. It’s not the type of appliance to entirely discontinue in one go.

As you can see, all of the glitches connected with not conserving your air conditioner happen long-term. But like utmost things in life, looking for the long-term can save you money and numerous annoyances.

Think of annual HVAC upkeep like investing in the latest Apple iPhone: Parting with your money early can be painful, but you’ll end up having something worth it in the long run.

So, the decision is up to you–do you want short-term satisfaction or long-term enjoyment?

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