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Fig. 1: Commercial Fit-Outs: Everything You Need to Know Before Hiring the Best Fit-Out Companies in Dubai Blog

Today, everyone wants to create commercial workspaces that inspire, energize, boost wellness and productivity. While many do not know, the interior fit-out impacts customer psychology that immediately gets the impression of the quality of the service provided by the business.

Regardless of your commercial surroundings, the right fit-out company with ample experience can transform with the necessary elements and a deeper understanding of your concerns.

If you have decided to hire an interior fit-out company for your commercial project, you will need to determine which company suitably offers interior fit-out in Dubai according to your brand and enhances the interiors. Our team at Precision Skills can identify your needs and meet expectations to help you stand out from the competition.

Precision Skills provides a complete end-to-end solution for your fit-out project. From concept to completion, using a highly experienced team of professionals will contribute to the success and longevity of your business.

Just as people trust prestigious companies such as the apparel brand, Nike, known for its unique craft and design aspects, Precision Skills is trusted for delivering high-quality interior fit-out in Dubai for all budget sizes.

We also know that finding the company that delivers exceptional interior fit-out in Dubai and meets your commercial interior design expectations is instrumental for business. Therefore, as among the best fit-out companies in Dubai, we would like to guide you through every step of the way to provide the best fit-out.

Through this blog post, we will cover most of the aspects of interior best fit-out companies in Dubai to help determine the appropriate interior fit-out in Dubai for your commercial fit-out. 

What does “commercial fit-out” mean?

Fit-out is a commonly used term for the process of creating interior spaces that are suitable for occupancy. In other words, the commercial spaces are constructed that meet the needs of the spaces.

Fig. 2: What is Commercial Fit-Out?

Why commercial fit-out?

According to a recent study, 88% of companies believe that their commercial fit-outs have positively affected their employees. Therefore, investing your time and money in the present workplace may give potential future outcomes that can enhance the value of your company and business. You may say that commercial fit-out increases the productivity of people spending time in that environment.

Know the difference between fit-out and renovation

When hiring the best interior fit-out in Dubai for your commercial space, people often confuse fit-outs with renovation, and most of the time use them interchangeably. However, both are related but possess distinct purposes and processes.  

Let us understand the difference between these two terms.

What does renovation of commercial space mean?

Renovation of commercial space has more to do with the interior design features of the workspace. These are the aspects that need to give the space a new look. Ideally, renovation means more about revamping a space to add more aesthetics. These can be adding some paint, décor, or furniture. Renovation of commercial space, in general, takes a longer time than a fit-out procedure. 

What does fit-out of commercial space mean?

It means transforming a space into a usable commercial setup with structural features like heating, plumbing, door fittings, window placements, and ventilation.

 Why do you need to choose the best fit-out companies for your commercial interior space?

Technical capabilities and expertise:

Most companies offering interior fit-out in Dubai possess the skills and are aware of all the technical requirements needed to get the job done correctly. Fitout companies plan and utilize the most out of your space and work with the best materials for it.

They also have a better grasp of construction with interior design and have connections with experts who provide competitive deals on materials needed for the project.

Updated insights on trends:

It is commonly thought that no one can know your workspace better than you. Sometimes you may need an outside expert’s perspective to see how much your commercial space could look better. Fit-out specialists offer innovative ideas with upgraded insights on trends that could be the best fit to turn your vision into a reality.

Fig. 3: Updated Insights on Trends

Experienced and guaranteed professionals:

When you hire from the experienced and best fit-out companies in Dubai, you will not have to stress about the process from start to end. They will manage the project and supervise every minute detail to ensure you receive beautiful spaces with unique designs in a way that fits your budget and timeframe while also boosting productivity.  

Types of commercial fit-outs 

Now let us understand the different types of commercial fit-outs to make the right choice on hiring the best fit-out companies in Dubai. Commercial fit-outs fall into three categories:

Category A- Fit-out: 

Category A fit-out works are conducted in a commercial space that is ready for renting. These include the fundamental unit with amenities such as plumbing fixtures and electrical wiring that are already present in functional space.

Usually, minor fit-out works involve installing air conditioning, suspended ceilings, fire systems, lighting, fitted lights, grid ceilings, raised floors, internal surfaces, finishes, blinds, etc. You may also expect:

  • HVAC systems
  • Toilets
  • Electrical outlets

Also, category A fit-out works do not by any means affect the existing electro-mechanical systems, civil defense requirements, building structure, flooring, low height partitions, etc.

Category B-Fit out:

Category B refers to creating an internal space according to the tenant’s requirements. In Category B, you may get a chance to render your vision that meets specific commercial space needs.

This will make your space functional by including fit-outs like doors, floor finish, installation of furniture, and so on. Category B is the aesthetic design phase inspired by the work culture, business ethics, team size, and protocols. It is the stage to create your business style and a compelling brand image.

Shell and Core Fit-out

You may say that shell-core-fit-outs are the mainframe of the building. That means that the construction is complete, but the systems and services are yet to be installed.

How much does the commercial interior fit-out in Dubai cost?

Fig. 4: How much Commercial Interior Fit-Out in Dubai cost?

This is a subjective question to answer as costs may vary from region to region and commercial spaces. Some interior fit-outs in Dubai require only cosmetic enhancements while some need structural improvements. These may differ due to the quality, furniture, space, etc., as per your needs. 

Even though if you want a rough idea about the interior fit-out cost of your space: consider the cost of only fit-outs quoted to you by the developers with the cost of installation and training cost, furniture cost, and IT infrastructures. Also, retain an emergency cost budget between 5% to 10% of the overall project cost.

What aspects to consider for your commercial interior fit-out in Dubai?

We have curated ten steps to help you more in your commercial interior fit-out and make your decision process easy. Also, to create the best commercial interior fit-out in Dubai

  1. Timing

Never put yourself in a short time constraint when you decide to start your interior fit-out. The expiration of a current lease, legal lease, and legal negotiations will control your lease commencement and move dates. According to the size and complexity of your commercial fit-out, so follow the below time frame:

Primary costing and idea design – 5 to 10 days

Comprehensive design and consent – 10 to 20 days

Creation – 20 to 60 days

  1. Composing a brief

Before deciding on any new interior design and commercial fit-outs, you should prepare your brief. It will form the base for the upcoming design and fit-out changes to be made. It will also help you find the type of work or commercial space you need and how much space you will require. Hence, make sure the interior design of your workspace meets your specifications to create the best commercial interior fit-out in DubaiThe list of crucial factors is listed below:

  • The outlook and the identity you want to attain- highlight areas and first impressions
  • Current staff numbers and potential growth/reduction in future
  • Public seating zones and back areas
  • Location of staff and workgroups interaction/communication
  • Meeting rooms, Board rooms, and other required rooms
  • Technical requirements
  • Audio and video requirements, if any needed.
  • Essential printing, utility necessities, and equipment used by staff
  • Staff and break out amenities
  • Power and data specifications for various areas
  • Storehouse
  1. Finding a suitable workspace

After completing the above steps, you need to find the workspace suitable to your style, type, budget, and most definitely your business. You must check the following features when looking for a suitable workspace:

  • Location, access, and size
  • End-of-trip facilities, toilets, and kitchen
  • The situation of the wall, floor finishes, and ceiling
  • Settings and conditions of air conditioners and lightings
  • Lease terms and conditions
  1. Finding a superior commercial design and company of interior fit-out in Dubai
Fig. 5: Seek professional help from the Best fit-out companies in Dubai

Look for the best fit-out companies in Dubai that have good reviews and feedback from previous clients. Do not be afraid to speak and ask for references. You may also ask the following questions to get a clear idea about the interior fit-out company and its services:

  • When was the last fit-out project completed and was it finished on time?
  • Was it completed with the given budget? Did the given cost stay the same as per quoted or go up?
  • Were you satisfied with the quality of workmanship and level of services? Any bad experiences during work?
  • Did they provide any aftercare services?
  • Would they recommend this company to others?

It is important to inspect completed projects and speak to former clients of the company. Additionally, do not get fooled by company websites that look nice and attractive. Instead,

  • Check the previous projects done by them and speak to clients in person
  • Ensure that the company you are considering is worth employing and suitably qualified.
  • Most of the commercial fit-out works need a building permit from Dubai Development Authority (DDA). They need to obtain a commercial license that gives them legal permission to carry out work.
  • Assure the constructed structure has followed the guidelines applied to the commercial premises within the jurisdiction of the Zoning Authority while undertaking the new fit-out works, fit-out modifications, and fit-out additions.
  • Check the credentials of the company. Verify their papers and legitimate work that signifies the accreditation of the business.

Precision Skills will gladly provide you with the above information at any time.

  1. Evaluating design and fit-out proposals

Once you have selected suitable and the best fit-out companies in Dubaigo through your preferred design choices. Clear out everything that you want to receive from them. Agree on a deadline for when you need a proposal to be submitted.

We recommend that you consider the following points before accepting a design and commercial fit out proposal:

  • Whether it is limited to the basic floor plan or includes finishes and detailing, the final design should adequately meet your needs.
  • It should be a detailed description of each work. Something if not stated, later may not be provided
  • A detailed breakdown of the cost for the complete project. A single cost outline at the end is not sufficient to make a decision
  • A timeline that sets all the milestones from signing off the design to construction and delivered
  • Specifications of any exclusions and inclusions
  • Terms and conditions that include defects liability period, insurances, and payment terms.
  1. Terms, conditions, and contracts

Terms and conditions should be clear and also includes:

  • Timeline setting with start and completion dates
  • Insurance
  • Payments
  • How variations are handled
  • Scope of work or costs
  • Disputes or termination of the contract
  • Specific assumptions and exclusions
  1. Comprehensive design and approvals

If changes are made to the building or external works, then planning permission is required. In addition to statutory consents, it is also likely the building landlord will need to submit detailed information.

  1. Construction and progression

As mentioned in the fifth step, the contractor should provide a detailed program and include the number of days for detailed design and statutory approvals. The level of detail is often subject to the complexity of the job. Therefore, you will be kept up to speed on work being completed as your provider of interior fit-out in Dubai moves forward.

  1. Preparing outstanding items list

Ideally, this list should be made before handover and mutually agreed upon by you and your contractor. It will also allow you to get sufficient time to be completed before you move in.

  1. Aftercare services and handover

Practically, on the day of handover, you will be able to run your business. If not done according to interior fit-out in Dubai standards or left incomplete, the contractors are required to provide information about:

  • Installed drawings
  • Information on used materials and how to look after them
  • Obtained statutory approvals
  • Training and instructions on any installed equipment

Choose from the best fit-out companies in Dubai to guide you and take care of the above steps through the fit-out process.

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