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Precision Skills is one of the top Maintenance enterprise in UAE. We are wherever you need us to be. Our staff and qualified vendors get the job done right. Our simple billing makes working with us all the more convenient. 

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Health & Safety Disciplinary Policy

Health & Safety Disciplinary Policy

Precision Skills believes that a health and safety Accident Prevention Program is unenforceable without some type of disciplinary policy. Our company believes that in order to maintain a safe and healthful workplace, the employees must be cognizant and aware of all company, State, and Federal safety and health regulations as they apply to the specific job duties required. The following disciplinary policy is in effect and will be applied to all safety and health violations.

The following steps will be followed unless the seriousness of the violation would dictate going directly to Step 2 or Step 3.

  • A first time violation will be discussed orally between company supervision and the employee.  This will be done as soon as possible.
  • A second time offense will be followed up in written form and a copy of this written documentation will be entered into the employee’s personnel folder.
  • A third time violation will result in time off or possible termination, depending on the seriousness of the violation.


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